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At Dynamite Braids Hair Salon & Spa our vision is to provide superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment with regards to the beauty industry. We are proud to announce after twenty-three plus years.

We are guided by the relentless focus to our expanding industry. We will strive to implement these critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing so, we will deliver quality operational excellence to all aspects of our company. We will meet, and  exceed our commitment to all that we serve.  All of our long term strategies and short term actions, will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every one of our associates.

We always provide a dynamic and challenging environment for all of our employees. We are committed to create exceptional opportunities in our company so our associates can fulfill their highest potential.

We are recognized in our industry for our leadership edge, for our passion, our set of high standards, our professionalism, creativity and innovation.  We work hard to enhance the quality of the long term relationships we share with our clients and the community.

We are valued as an industry leader in customer satisfaction and committed to our vision!

Here at Dynamite Braids Salon and Spa we offer the best hair braiding, custom wigs, sew in weaves, hair extensions and much more. Call today to book an appointment. 

We are beauty, we are art, we are creative, and we are inspiration.


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